BUG - Filter and display bug in Project Management (Ongoing - perhaps release 36)

Good morning,
I found two minor bugs in the Project Management.

  1. Line Break of dates in the task view: (not functional and a very minor bug)
    a) Open Project Management
    b) Select Tasks:

    c) Dates are displayed with a line break.

    d) After sorting on the deadlines, the dates are display correctly:

  2. Editing a task changes the configured filter
    Steps a) and b)
    c) Configure a default task filter, (these are my colums)
    <img src=“/uploads/default/original/1X/0a1669195002507c6bee1869146190b146b00382.png” width="583t height=“56”>
    d) Edit a random task and save changes
    e) My default filter will become deactivated and the view reverted to default settings:

I’ll see if we can put this this weeks release.
Keep you posted.