Bug - Getting spammed by thousands of notification emails

At the end of last week I upgraded from e.3.14.0 to e3.15.0 and all seemed fine. This morning my colleague asked me to stop the email sending by Eramba as she already had 800 unread notification emails.

The notifications look slightly different from the usual:

I checked the pending queue and there were like another 7000 pending so I stopped eramba from sending out any emails. My colleague checked and it seems the notifications are also from old stuff from back in 2020, 2021.




Can you please allow option settings/help improve eramba so we are getting logs from you?
Can you please also send logs now via settings/error logs and diagnostics/send logs (green button), so we can review them?


I have contacted you over email to gather some additional information.

I replied but in a nutshell, all 8000 emails have been created over this weekend after I upgraded to e3.15.0 on Friday.

We have had exactly the same issue. All emails seemed to be stuck in the pending queue. I have just deleted them all and haven’t seen a reoccurrence since.

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sam said there’ll be a hotfix for this. Just wanted to let you know.

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@sam any idea how to install the hotfix?
I had entered a wrong port number to stop eramba from sending out the meanwhile 25.000 emails in its queue but that in turn breaks the hourly cron job which prevents me from installing the hotfix.

from eramba/app/upgrade run bin/cake cron fake system_health. It will make cron temporarily ok.

Thanks, it all worked. Very handy command :wink:

Don’t overuse it, haha! Crons should run all the time automatically.