Bug - Inactive Users still Display

When selecting users to association them with business units, assets, owners, etc we still see inactivated users. How can we filter on only active users?

Actually this is a bug i think - i’ll let @sam work it out … it should only show active accounts…

Inactive user means that he can not login into eramba, but still can be associated with items. If you don’t want to see user, you need to remove user account.

If I remove a user, can I still see the ownership history of controls, policies and assets. What will happen to the review evidence that the inactive (now deleted) users performed?


when a user is removed from eramba everywhere where that user is linked will be replaced by admin. nothing is deleted, just the role is adjusted to admin as the user no longer exists.

i reviewed the access management documentation and could not find any reference to that … @sam i think we need an issue to update the doc (i’ll do it)

Int. ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2670