Bug - Intranet URL is "not valid"

With Eramba v2 I’m getting now again an error message when updating a policy where I point to our intranet URL.

Maybe it’s the same issue as it was in Eramba v1? I posted it in this forum on February 2017.

Thanks for fixing!

This is because your urls are not … ejem i will get very RFC now: compliant with rfc 3986 ! the issue would be solved if the hostname (mycic) would be a full FQDN. would that be possible on your side? i think on 1.x we hardcoded the exception for you but the idea on 2.x is to get more standard …

please dont take us wrong, you are a long standing supporter of the project … we just want to try to follow standards, that is all.

:slight_smile: Ah yes. We don’t care of standards for internal names… Of course the FQDN is resolved as well, I have just checked, everything works like a charm with the FQDN. So I will stick to that, might even be better anyway (for branches and the like).


glad we helped !!! and i hope we some day meet somewhere in Switzerland!!

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