Bug - Label and Meaning has changed

The Label and also the meaning of a field has changed in the document section.

In eramba v1 there where the fields: “Owner” and “Collaborator”
I have used These fields in that way:

  • Owner ist the Person responsible for the specific dataset in eramba. He is part of our GRC-Team. Most of the time he is not involved in creating or editing the document but Supports the original author in questions of document Control
  • Collaborators are the People involved in creating and maintining the document itself.

In eramba v2 the Labels have changed in: “Owner” and “Reviewer”
Now all of the collaborators have become reviewers - but there is a different meaning with that.

Furthermore if you look to the data from the policy-portal the Owner is called author and the Reviewer is called collaborator again.

oh - we’ll sort the other things so all is owner and reviewer
thanks for reporting!

But if you Change the previous “collaborator” to “reviewer”, there is a different meaning.
all of my process and workflow is based on the fields “Owner” as the Person from the GRC-Team and “collaborator” are the persons from the corresponding Business unit.
in my opinion this is a very bad idea to Change the Name from what is one function to the Name of some other function.

if you, for some reason have to Change the Name of the field then you should make this Name customizable, so that i can still call that field “collaborator”.