Bug - LDAP filter field length (Closed)

Depending on you Active Directory (or other directory service), this filter path can get very long.

the current field only supports some ~100 characters .

the Field for Documentation URLs under Security services (controls), also suffers from this limitation,

Kind regards, Jonas

agreed … I would also include on the list the Policy url field…any other?

Actually the policy URLs are longer… but if i come across fields of inadequate length i will report :smiley:

however we have opt’ed to deploy a URL shortening service internally(Yourls.org) as solves some problems not not related to eramba :slight_smile:

Morning Jonas,

There we go, next week this will be corrected.



We are looking at publishing this stuff on the 27th Feb

awesomesauce! :smiley:

This actually got fixed on this release!