Bug - matrix cells colors in Reports not appearing


I have made some searches and didn’t find any topic related to my issue. Please point me to anything already existing if it is the case!

I am using Eramba as SaaS, so I am currently on:
App Version: 3.22.0
DB Schema Version: 20230918084154

I finally injected my 3rd party risks and was playing with the reports, and came up with an issue on the matrix colors.

  1. When I “view” the “System Report - Section”, the Risk matrix is colored (green/yellow/red)
  2. When I “clone” the “System Report - Section” then “view” the new report, the Risk matrix is colored (green/yellow/red)
  3. When I do a “System Report - Item” on one of the grid item, the Risk matrix is colored (green/yellow/red)

a) When I download the reports from any case 1-2-3 above (“Download” button in the View form), the Risk matrix is NOT colored (content is there, just not the colors green/yellow/red for cells backgrounds)
b) When I create my custom report with the “Risk Matrix (Section)” widget, colors are NOT present even in the “view” case

Are there some specific colors from the colors grid that are compatible with pdf?


this is new to me, how does the risk treatment settings look like? how does the risk classification looks like? if you dont feel comfortable sharing that here please send it to support@eramba.org

send us please that export … and we will have a look.

shouldnt be the case at all

+1, I have the same issue in the web interface the color’s are present. The PDF report only has color for the analysis and treatment dot not for the risk matrix.