Bug - No associated risks displayed when removing a classification

When removing a risk classification (that I added myself) I get the message that I am unable to do so because of associations with risks. However, I cannot see which risk this is, nor does filtering for that classification show me anything. For other classifications this did work, making it even weirder.

Hello, risks which are not displayed are in trash. You need to restore them, change classification and after that you should be able to delete classification.

Ah, is it on the roadmap to display these trashed connections? Or just wholly ignore them, because having to reanimate 10+ risks, reclassify them and then delete them again seems cumbersome.

I may agree with that, but Iā€™m not the one who decide about functionalities. We have feature called purge trash planned, which should allow you to empty trash and therefore clean all associations.

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That would fix the problem :slight_smile:

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