Bug - Notification on closed exceptions too? (target: 27th Feb)


I’ve added a warning notification for policy exceptions (Policy Exception Deadline (+1 day) for ensuring that all overdue exceptions are checked again. Now I have recognised that it triggers even on closed exceptions? Is this wanted? I would have assumed that such warning notifications would only trigger on open exceptions.

Deadline of the exception was set at 1.2.17, I have closed the exception the same day, but still received the warning notification on 2.2.17.

Yep - not intended. We found and fixed the same on the project deadlines. I’ll review all notifications to make sure they dont trigger when the object is closed:

  • Policy Exceptions
  • Compliance Exceptions
  • Risk Exceptions
  • Projects (this should be ok)
  • Project Tasks (this should be ok)

I think thats it. We’ll have this fixed during next week release.

Thanks Fabian & good morning!

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We are looking at publishing this stuff on the 27th Feb