Bug - Policy Direct Link URL Custom Logo (fixed)

Hi Guys

Just noticing that when I generate a Direct Link to the policy and click through to the link it does not pick up the custom logo. Instead the default Eramba logo.

Instead of

Hi Barry

True - https://github.com/kisero/eramba_v2/issues/541


ps. sent you an email the other day, have you seen it?

Hey Esteban,

Unfortunately I will only just be returning from Cypress so will be unable to make it this time. Also we have just had a travel ban in the company until about July time so not really able to get out and about just now :cry:

Hi Barry,
Cypress or Cyprus?? no worries, i understand really.
My mail went to your personal account and is about some testing stuff!

Is this working for you Barry?

Yip working perfectly thanks guys