Bug - Policy notification hyperlink macro %25 escape character


Based on my post in Support - How do you inform employees about policy changes? - #9 by dzl there is an annoying bug. When I create a Warning notification within Security Policies to notify employees that a document has been Published using the Dynamic Status option and build a URL (yourdomain.com) to include the %SECURITYPOLICY_ID% macro and create a hyperlink in the body of the email it works fine, but only on the first save, if I go back in and edit the notification the hyperlink changes and then includes the %25 escape character (See image below). If I then save it again, it breaks the hyperlink, as a workaround I have to clear the hyperlink and re-create it again and save it, but make sure if I edit it again I have to do the same process.

Build URL with macro

Create hyperlink

First save

Edit notification

Regards Dale