Bug - Projects selection in compliance analysis (due for r39)

Selection of existing projects includes all projects, even completed ones:

Example of a completed project:

In my opinion only planned or ongoing projects should be shown here? Or is it the intention to use “compliance findings” anwyway for the gaps management?


Hey Fabian,

I personally find it good having completed projects attached to things to show what work has been done either to close off a compliance finding or improve a risk, control etc.

ok. I only looked at it under the point of finding a gap in the compliance analysis and linking this gap to an improvement project, in this case I still think it makes no sense to show closed projects. But of course it should stay there once the project is closed in order to have the history. So maybe there’s some tradeoff how to handle it.

Anyway, it’s a minor issue for me.

Yep - https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/826