Bug - Redirection to other sites (fixed r34)

When filter for all audits and I click on the view Icon, I expected to view the selected audit. Instead of that I’m redirected to the Security Services Catalogue.

And now in screenshots. I filter for audits and click on the VIEW icon:

The link behind the icon is:

Then I’m redirected to: https://eramba.tp.nil/securityServices

The redirection by clinking the VIEW icon applies for

I think this is no critical issue.

Hello ! I was trying to test the same as you, but got a different result … can we double check we are talking about the same?

1- filter audits on security services

2- click on the view icon, i get the popup with the audit.


  • when i filter audits, i use the “Audit” filter

  • i’m running version 33 of the app.

Are we testing the same ?


ps. i have not tested the Project module yet.

Hi Seb,
Thanks for the fast reply and the testing. I really don’t know what happened, but now the behaviour is not reproducible for the module “Security Services Catalogue.” anymore. I did several changes to the filter configuration before I had to restart my PC due to software updates. This sounds strange, but maybe this had an impact.

I tested again the behaviour with the project management module. Here I still have the same situation:

  1. Select Tasks
  2. Click on the VIEW Icon:
  3. I’m redirected to “https://eramba.tp.nil/projects” with all projects.

Could you please test, if you have the same behaviour?

This and the following fixes included on the project module:

  • Inactivity notification triggered when no comments, edits or attachments have been included on a task for the last N days
  • Improved the UX for tasks, it now autocompletes the “due date” and “task number” based on previous existing tasks
  • Improved this filter redirect
  • we also corrected custom roles for “task” and “project” owner.


Thanks Markus!