Bug - Removing User from Asset Reviews

In asset review lists, the user is shown in the reviewer list. For an example, if O365 is an asset, the asset owner = IT team, guardian = CTO and the User = All Users/ All departments.

In above case, in asset review section, the User will be automatically assigned as a reviewer with Asset Owner and the Guardian. I do not like to send a notification to the User (all the teams) when an asset review is planned. Only Asset Owner and the Guardian will be sufficient to do an asset review.

Is it possible not to include the User to the Reviewers list?

correct, this is a very ugly thing we did years ago , the same applies in somewhat the same manner for risks, policies. this needs a setting to let the user choose what role from the parent object will end up as “reviewer” on the child

@sam can you please create an issue?


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Int. ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2933

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we could create a setting on the review moules (risk, policies, assets) where you define which role from the paren item will be used as a “Reviewer” on the review module

then what happens if someone changes the person on the parent item … today that change is not reflected on reviews (incomplete reviews)…and it should. when a review is completed, the next review could override the parent setting.