Bug - Report Filter problem with package name

When trying to create a report on a specific compliance package, the filter is incorrect. The automatically created filters for the various packages loaded are loading with a number, which appears to be a database index to me, rather than the text string, and then doesn’t work. I tried to create another filter with the same match rule of the package name, but I guess that caused a conflict and errored out.

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hi mike!

so when i click here:

i get this:

So i’m not %100 how to replicate the issue you raise up, can u help us please? perhaps steps or a screenshot would help


When I try and create a new report, and select the filter for one of the package names, I get the below. Note the “2” rather than the actual package name.

I created issue for this. Thanks for reporting!

Int. ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2541

I noticed this morning that this may be more widespread in terms of index vs. name. When editing a security incident, the title of the popup contains the index number of the stage, rather than the name. Not truly a functional issue like the reporting, but an annoyance, and very similar to the bug above.

Is there a planned release for this fix? I’m trying to balance waiting for a fix with hacking something up via API for the short term.

hi !

you can always look at the roadmap:

based on our general plan is likely to be done not on this release we are trying to complete but on the next one, we’ll see.

this item on the faq might also help: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FTAG1vMDhNXJXySLBgvore60zhcObKhAievBk3rCOdA/edit#heading=h.et7u4086ik3v

What happened to this bug? I don’t see it in the release notes for the drop that just landed today, and it appears to still be there after update. Did it get dropped from the plan, and if so, will it be addressed prior to the 2.18 release?

Hello Mike,

It was part of e2.16 this is how it looks now.

Mine still reports with the “2”, as below. If I put the filter on the section, it reports fine. That said, I also realized it is working, once I pulled the report the right way, so this is a cosmetic item, rather than functional for me.

Can you try to re create the report you are reffering to?