Bug - SaaS latency erratical on the last couple of weeks

We noticed erratic spikes on https requests latency on SaaS instances, we found that at times our databses are spiking at %100. It seems that some post-processes are causing this and we are testing a fix (https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/4649) for some days now. it looks promising.

This issue means that your SaaS instance could have gone slower or even stop working for a few minutes (maybe 10-15 min) in three occasions in the past week.

As we test the fix, we have also increased database capacity (you see the cpu line goes down and is flat, memory goes up) to eradicate any possibility of this happening again.

This is just an informational post, nothing really for you to do. We look at capacity several times a week to ensure things run smoothly.

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We experienced a similar issue today around 3 pm CET.

The capacity of the RDS was increased and we continue with the investigation, we are also working on improved alerting to avoid such a scenario.

This is just information that you may feel that Saas instance is a bit slower or not working properly in some cases. Only the EU region was affected.