Bug - Scope items only visible to creator

Scope items are currently only visible to the user who created the items and to Admin.

Expected behaviour: Scope items should be visible to all users independent of creator/author. (That also reduces the need to use the Admin user/group)

Version: 3.23.2

That’s by design - only row/items that you are in a person field for (or in a group that’s in the person field) will be able to see the row/item. I wouldn’t want my sales guys digging around in the IT items!

The way around this is to use groups that provide the access needed for that item. If you’re on enterprise, you can even add a custom field and call it “access groups” or similar and use that to add folks…

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the thing is scopes do not have a “role” so you can not really change who can see what …

Same thing with program issues:

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/4706

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