Bug - Security Incidents risk procedures that cannot be set

Security Incidents module has columns for “Asset Risk Incident Procedure”, “Third Party Risk Incident Procedure” and “Business Risk Incident Procedure”. In the Community Edition however, one does not have the tab on the Risk Item form where these procedures can be set.

Procedure colums in Security Incidents:

Expected behaviour: Either having the additional risk item tab visible for Community Edition users where the procedures can be set, or not seeing the “procedure” columns in the Security Incidents module.

Version: 3.23.2 Community Edition

is strange, i remember talking to you about this, but looking at the public demo site where community is hosted i do see the risk fields:

i think is best if you contact support@eramba.org for them to debug this … ?

We do have the “Risk Profile” tab on incidents, but we are missing the “Risk Response Plan” tab in the Risk module (when creating a new risk for example). I guess these Risk Response Plan items are displayed in the “[risk type] Incident Procedure” columns at the Security Incidents for the risks selected on “Risk Profile” tab of the incident.

Missing tab on our site:

The demo site for community however does show the 4th tab to select “Risk Response Plan” for a risk.

Please let me know whether this clarifies the issue and/or whether I should still contact support with this.

ahhh ok … yes , now makes sense.

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/4708

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