Bug - Sorting problem?

I have over 100 Internal controls. = 2 pages in eramba. When trying to sort the controls ascending after ID-numbers, it only sort the current page you are showing, not all the controls. that’s a problem.
Example: If I want to have the ID number 1 on the top, I have to first find the right page where ID number one is.

If you are using this button for sorting

it sorts only items which are shown on selected page
You need to create new filter to sort thru all items saved in database


Hope it helps

Hmm. Not for me

It still only sort what on the first page. Maybe I do it wrong?

Please write an email to support@eramba.org when are you available for a call we can try to resolve this together.

I’m also facing the same problem.

Using “Manage Filter - Sorting” options does not work either.


Yes, it looks like it is not working correctly on v3.

Int. ref.: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/3350