Bug - Understood Button remains disabled in Chrome browser

When using the Chrome browser in the awareness Portal the “Understood”-Button is never activated when the Video finished.

Firefox, Edge and IE work fine there.

I’m on Chrome Version 67.0.3396.79

We are testing and let you know, we were about to release an update tomorrow so if there is something to be fixed it will be included there.
Thanks Bjorn!

we just tested it on Chrome v66, v67, v68 and we haven’t seen anything wrong with the “Understood” button - could you please update your chrome version to the latest one, remove browser cache and try it again? If you experience the same problem let us know and we can have a zoom call to help you out with that problem.


Hi Martin,
thanks for testing this. On my workplace I’m not allowed to update to the latest Version of Chrome but I have testet it from home this morning with Chrome v68 and ran into the same issue.
I only have a Video in the Training of about 5:55 minutes. The Video is played from the beginning to the end without any disruptions or skip Forwards and the button never Changes to an enabled state.


We could not replicate it … Martin will write you an email to setup a call so you can show it to him over Zoom.