Community 2018 to 2019 Migration Procedure

Migrating community 2018 to community 2019

1- make sure your system meets all linux requirements (in particular pdf library) as defined on our documentation install guide
2- move the current eramba community directory, for example mv eramba_community eramba_community_old
3- untar the latest eramba community (, for example tar zxvf c2.4.1.tgz , a directory called “eramba_community” will be created
4- move the database.php file from the old community to the new one, for example: mv eramba_community_old/app/Config/database.php eramba_community/app/Config/
5- move all attachments, for example: mv eramba_community_old/app/webroot/files/uploads/* eramba_community_old/app/webroot/files/uploads/
6- run the migration script from the app/ directory: Console/cake community migrate , the script must finish without errors
7- ensure all your file permissions are correct, for example in Ubuntu: chown www-data:www-data * -R
8- run on the MySQL server the following command: UPDATE settings set value = NULL where variable = “CLIENT_ID” , log out, log in again and voila. done.

Video: eramba 2018 Community migration to Community 2019 - YouTube (IMPORTANT! video is missing step #8 so dont forget to do that too).

The migration has been tested many times so it works - if you are sure that there is a bug please report it to

Migrating community 2019 to enterprise

Assuming you are on Community c2.8.1 you should be able to migrate your system to enterprise by following these steps:

1- make sure you are on c2.8.1 (both your app and database) by checking this out at system / about
2- make sure your system meets all linux requirements (in particular pdf library) as defined on our documentation install guide. Your system / settings / system health should be ALL OK
3- backup your community database
4- copy all community files to another directory (essentially to make backup)
5- get from support a package with enterprise e2.8.1 (write to uncompress it where community was before
6- copy database.php file from the community backup you did on step #4 (the file is at app/Config/database.php) and put it on the newly uncompressed enterprise directory (app/Config/database.php)
7- access the database and run the following query: update settings set value = “e2.8.1” where variable = “DB_SCHEMA_VERSION” , then run this query: UPDATE settings set value = NULL where variable = “CLIENT_ID”
8- dont worry you are nearly there
9- go to the “app” directory and run the following command: Console/cake update deletecache , it should clean the cache of the system
10- you can now try to login at eramba (with your old credentials), check at system about that the app and db version are “e2.8.1”, if they are not then you did something wrong! contact for help
11- go to system / settings / enterprise users and insert the key provided to you when you purchased the enterprise service
12- contact support with your new “app id” which you will find at System / About and the key you have used on step #11, we’ll need to enable your license
13- once we have enabled, make sure you run crontabs (using CLI, not web) they should complete just fine
14- update the system to the latest version (system / settings / update)

*If you are migrating from newer version (c2.8.1 etc.), process is the same. You just need to run following commands after update to the latest version:
-navigate into eramba_v2/app
Console/cake reports seed_reports
Console/cake advanced_filters sync_filters