Community 2022

Yesterday we launched our 2022 community update - there are a few things to note:

  • There is no more “Yearly” release, from now on every release that goes to enterprise goes to community as well. This is really good news for everyeone.
  • There is no more “Source Code Install”, most people had problems with it. From now on there are two install methods: Docker and VMWARE.
  • There is a completely new website with new documentation, we strongly believe it looks super hot:
  • The website does not require your email any more to download community. There is an optional registration process when you first login to the tool. The email collected there is mostly used for letting you know when updates are made.
  • If you are migrating from community 2.x to this new community you will find no “upgrade path”. We are still working on it and we are hoping to have it ready in a month or so.
  • We will soon have a Community SaaS offering coming along, this means we host eramba community for you, take care of updates, upgrades, Etc.

We are happy to be over (we are still working on SaaS and the migration script). This upgrade took nearly 8 months and a ton of money from our yearly budget. Is hard to explain how much money and time and sweat it takes to run this project and we want to thank you all for your collaboration.

Some Michael time now: