Configurable Delimiter in CSV-Exports

Hi there,
when exporting Content to CSV files (from filters, Reports or received by email) the delimiter is set to ,
So, this file can then easily Import to Excel for further editing, sorting, reporting, etc.

However on Client Systems not running with the language set to “English” the delimiter might be some other then ,
for example, I’m using a Windows Client with German language Settings. So the default delimiter is set to ;

It would be very nice to make the CSV delimiter configurable on a per user basis.
The delimiter should then be used when exporting data to CSV from the web and for automated email notifications to that user.



The import functionality has been improved and standarized on the new template, we have got a few requests for this:

1- change delimiters
2- accept custom fields on the import fields
3- deal with apostrophes by double quoting every cell

I’ll ask kris to github and put it on the backlog

Thanks Bjoern

I’m not asking for the delimiters on Input here, but on Output.

Try to open a CSV in MS Excel straight from the download on a Windows System configured with a german locale und you will see what I mean.

we will look at this, we can enclose cells in single or double quotes probably, we’ll send you over a file for you to test wiht your excel app once we get to this

this is no Problem on Quotation but on the delimiter itself.
A en-us-System uses the comma as a delimiter: ,
However a de-de-System uses a semicolon as delimiter: ;

I know it sounds weird but this is a “Problem” with Excel since years. Google the web for it and you get thousands of hits.

The best solution (in my opinion) is to have a configureable Setting on a per-user-Basis on what delimiter she wants to use.


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ohhhh! ok - we never heard anyone with this but now we understand the issue we’ll see what can be done.