Enterprise release (027)

Hello Everyone,

We have released a an update on eramba enterprise that addresses the following issues:

  • Password authentication issues with certain characters, we also strengthen password policies to be 8-30, alphanumeric characters.
  • The policy portal was not allowing to download attachments without authenticating again.
  • Awareness Reports where broken, got that fixed too.
  • Business Risk were having issues calculating MTO, RTO and Revenue per day.
  • Optimised daily crontab to be able to deal better with large databases.

What are we working for our next release (February)?

  • During the first week or so of February we will close many core functionalities needed for performance and stability
  • At the end of February new workflows will be released on the following sections: Asset, Policies, Security Services and Risks
  • Improving filters to add a few more options (negative filters, etc)
  • Improving filters so you can “edit” by clicking on the cell directly (a bit like good old Spreadsheets)

How is March looking?

  • We wouldn’t be surprised if workflows need some adjustments
  • We’ll try to focus a week or so in implementing many many suggestions we got from you
  • Expand workflows to the rest of the system

How is April looking?

  • Likely, hopefully building eramba community release 2017
  • Implementing new GDPR functionalities
  • Thats all for now, we wish you a good day.

We wish you all a great day