Eramba in AWS - LB + SSL Offload Issues

some people reported issues that when using a load balancer to offload ssl from the server the urls under system / settings / access lists did not work. that was the case on 1.x for different reasons and we wanted to get it fixed for 2.x , but when we built the environment to simulate this … we could not reproduce the issue!

setup on AWS lab:

Internet → AWS LB → Target Group → EC2 running eramba

AWS LB has the following settings:


ps. note the timeout settings to 600, otherwise things will break.

basically two listeners, one on port 80 redirecting stuff to 443. the config for this listener is:

then the one on port 443 has the following rules:

the SSL settings are:

then our target groups are simply pointing to one instance:

ps. no clue why it says is unhealthy but still works…

when we load the access list page all looks good and we are able to change the ACL permissions without issues (that was hte issue on 1.x)

so my question is - has anyone else experienced issues with this kind of setup?