Eramba License Utilization (Closed)


We are going to install Eramba in local before we implemented it in server. Is there any constraint within the license? since our subcription is annualy, is the license can only be used once per installation or multiple times in a year?

thank you

I replied this on a support case and forgot to paste the answer here:


The license is valid for one active install, so you can use anywhere you want. That license entitles you to support and updates and it will work on one server at time.

This means you can install eramba with your PROD license in server A, then move it to server B, but you cant have A and B running at the same time with the same license key.

If you want to eramba instances running at the same time with the latest version you need another license, thats why we handover without cost a DEV license.

Is normal to start with a “simple” install and play a bit, then move to a production one. When you move to a production enviroment you can either “copy and paste” (we can help with that) or install from scratch (you’ll use the license of your initial install and if you want, set the DEV license to that initial install so you can still use it).

Does this help?

ps. once our year of services is completed, shall you decide not to renew, since you wont get updates anymore you can install with one license multiple servers, anyway you wont be pulling updates.