Eramba New Visual Identity

Since January we have been working on:

  • New visual identity (logo, etc)
  • New website
  • New Learning Platform (that includes new documentation, certifications, Etc)
  • Completely new CI that allows us to push releases to Community and Enterprise docker images in one shot
  • New Community Release
  • New SaaS Service

We are hoping to launch most if not all of that in September.

Eramba is a tool that replaces tedious work with sheets and allows organizations mature GRC, because no matter how many experts you have, spreadsheets will always be a limiting factor. The new logo tries to reflect that simplicity, transparency and streamlining.

The new logo represents nodes of data being connected into one as a metaphor for simplification. Its shape is also inspired by the small letter ā€œeā€, which stands for eramba.

and here is the result:

Thanks for your support, as always and if. you want to sneak how the new website looks like go here: (its still not finished, but we are pretty close!)