Feature - Add button when in Filters (no due date)

It would be nice that when in a filtered view if you could still add new items throughout the system.

It is a bit of a pain when in a filter view that you then need to come out of it or have multiple open windows to add things to the system.

Hi Barry!

What you mean by “add things to the system” ?

We are now working on the new filters, they include “bulk actions”, we plan to release them together with workflows.

Have a good weekend!

When inside an active filter it would be good to have the “Add New” button as shown above

I noticed a few things while you are looking a “saved” filter

1- As you said, we are missing all buttons from the “normal” view, those can be added.
2- The title of the section changes with the name of the filter, that could be included on the text “Active Filter (16 Results)” … instead we could call it “Active Filter ($filername) - 16 Matches”.
3- we could add a “Edit Filter” on the right , that could popup the window we use to save and edit filters. If this would be a filter not saved, that button would allow to “Save Current Filter”

This would look better?

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This will come with the new workflows and bulk filters.