Feature - Additional Statuses for OA Findings

The OA Finding form, is it possible to add additional statuses to the Status field such as: Accepted, Mitigated, In progress, etc. A finding can have many statuses other than open/closed. We have to manage the status of the findings with notes versus being able to set the correct status in Eramba.

generally speaking we ask people to use custom fields to define their own statuses, based on those definitions (typically drop downs) you can also trigger dynamic statuses … also because of dynamic status you can trigger notifications.

there is a simple good example for risks on our documentation:

perhaps watching that will help for “inspiration”. the idea of making the "status’ dropdown configurable (with your own options on top of the ones there) has floated and was documented on the roadmap:

these drop-downs have typically some built in logic on the form and therefore their manipulation is tricker…we’ll need to think about that later in the future.

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2464

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