Feature - Allow URL-string without rfc3986 check (new policy)


When I trying to add a new policy and chooses URL as “document content”, it’s telling me my URL are invalid. The URL I’m trying to use is for a SharePoint site and might look like this http://Group/InternalRules/Internal%20Rules20Wiki/Compliance.aspx. It seems to be the “/” and “%” in the URL it doesn’t like because without them it works.

However, If a use an valid URL first and then do a review of the policy I can update the URL to whatever. Then everything works fine.

I don’t see the benefit for this URL check. If we want add a URL that is not valid we probably have a reason for it and if it was a mistake we can easily just update it. Please make URL to string.


the issue is that the url is checked by cake and is expecting a domain

i’m not sure this is a feature or a bug , but we want to allow people to use strings , not necessarily url’s … trouble is we use a native cake library for this rather than php so we’ll need a loosening of the security on this field, most likely a fallback to string rather than url.

Today when i retried this I got an domain in my URL from our internal network, i.e. “.net”. So now it works for me. I don’t know how but somehow I must have used an internal URL without domain last night.

However, I still think a string instead of URL would be better becuase then you could also link to shared folders etc.

Int. ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2559