Feature - Asset/Policy/Review next reviewer

When i complete a review record (asset, policy or risk) there is no clear way to know WHO will have to complete the next review.

Asset Review:

Risk Review:

Policy Review:

To clarify these modals we’ll split them always into two tabs:

  • Current Review
  • Next Review

So we need to move all current tabs (Except the one with the field “Next Review Date”) to the "Current Review. Then we need to create a “Next Review” tab and there you will have two fields, not one:

  • Planned Date
  • Planned Reviewer

On the “Planned reviewer” we’ll automatically complete the field with whatever was defined for the parent object as per the current rules:

  • policy (reviewer)
  • risk (stakeholder)
  • asset (all three)

the helper text must state: “We have picked up the %custom role defined on the parent (asset|risk|policy) and set it as next reviewer, feel free to modify this value if you wish”

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2398