Feature - Asset Review Cycle (due for release 36)

It would be good if you could make the asset review date follow the same principle as the audit & maintenance where you select a date and month and this will update itself each year. This means you will not need to remember to update the date after each review. You can then schedule reviews for multiple times throughout the year.

Fully support this request. Actually I just wanted to write about the same thing :slight_smile:

hello there - yes i absolutely agree.

if you look the way reviews are handled on policies, we changed the approach there alredy. when you review a policy, the next date, version and content of the policy can only be updated from the review (they are greyed out on the policy itself).

the same needs to be migrated to assets, risks and probably will be included in exceptions too. we are stuck with release 24 (workflows) so we cant put more into that release, but will come for sure on the first quarter.

we cant use the same logic we have on controls (audits) for “historical” decisions on the architecture of the app, this sounds vague i know, but is my way of saying: insanely complicated and dangerous to update it.

good you did not put it Fabian, Barry would have sued you for copyright claims!!

btw - https://github.com/kisero/eramba_v2/issues/439

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That is great. I know you guys are up against it for the next release. @Fabian your safe enough I would have let you away with it the first time :grinning:

haha, anyway I wouldn’t be afraid, I’m protected against all risks because I use Eramba :wink:

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  • when an item is created, the review date is part of the form (that does not change). After this creation the “Next review” will be disabled and only updated from the review feature.
  • when the review is due (or not, we want to simply add a review) we click add or edit on the review feature, there will be a new field to set the next review.

What you think?

Perfect Thanks @kisero will work a treat

We are migrating Risk and Policies reviews style to be used in Asset Identication … right now.