Feature - Asset/Risk/policy reviews managed by bulk edits

say you want to bulk edit the reviews of 4 or 5 different policies, you select them on the checkbox on the left and click “Bulk Edit”.

Note we also need “Bulk Delete”.

Bulk editing policy, risk and asset reviews can lead to trouble:

1- a user might select a mix of completed and not-completed reviews
2- a user might select reviews for multiple policies
3- a user might select reviews that are incomplete but still have pending reviews in the future (say you have two incomplete reviews for a a policy and you bulk edit one or the other)

For this reason, bulk editing reviews is tricky. how we want to deal with these problem:

1- an error message (top left) indicating “A mix of completed and incomplete reviews have been selected for bulk edit, make sure you only select incomplete reviews”. Once a review is completed all its fields are greyed out so it wouldn’t be possible to edit them anyway.
2- this is also tricky because the “reviewer”, “next reviewer” and “next review date” (in the case of policies you also have the version and content) fields are automatically completed based on the parent object (the policy, asset, etc) … so what to do in this scenario? we need to leave all fields in blank and let the user put whatever they want .
3- the problem with this situation is the “Next review date” field, which again is automatically completed IF there is an incomplete review in the future. We then need to apply the logic above and override the suggestion.

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2399

Hi team,
Did this feature get implemented in the end?
I can see Bulk Delete, but not Bulk edit options for Policy/Asset Reviews in my v.3.x
My use case is that we have reviewed 10’s of asset classifications and would like to bulk record the review, rather than going through each one. We’re not making any changes, but need to record a review took place.

defintely bulk edits makes user experience a lot easier, im totally for it. trouble is, reviews are a bi…ch because the lists of “ifs” is almost unlimited

i’ll re-open this issue and put it on the short backlog, it would be a nice to have for sure. you do have a functional bukl edit on the audits for example:

it might also be an opportunity to improve the ux on the bulk edit functionality:

the “leave as it is” should gray out the field until the drop down is changed to something different…probably some other stuff can be done as well to make it better

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2399

Thanks, totally appreciate the complexity of a full bulk edit. If you’ve ever seen the bulk edit in Jira :-0

The most basic use case for us is where we have a lot of assets which we have to review every 12 months, but their classification rarely changes, but we’d like to evidence we did a review.
A simple “bulk rollover review” perhaps, where it only applies if you’re not making any changes and the only thing you can set is who reviewed and when (and when the next should be), if that makes sense? It’s barely an edit I guess, more “rollover review” feature now I think about it.