Feature - Associate Assets with Business Processes

Hi Guys,

It would be great when creating a process within the business unit that you could associate assets with the business process. This means that for example if you associated a data asset this information could flow through to the assets by letting you know your RPO(When this feature is available) all other assets you could filter through the minimum RTO and MTO.

If the assets are linked to other assets then this should then filter through these assets also.

Hi @b.stephenson,

I second this request. Typically when performing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA), I try to work my way from highest to lowest, understanding RPO/RTO/MTO of each as we go. Then we can analyze to ensure the RPO/RTO/MTO of the software meets the business process needs, and in turn needs of the overall business unit (and ensure we don’t have any gaps/risks).

So, my way of thinking is that we start with a business unit, which maps to a business process, which then maps to a specific tool/technology/vendor/supplier/etc. Then, we can use visualizations to look at these interdependencies in numerous different ways.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks!


Just found a walkthrough of a Business Continuity Management (BCM) vendor’s software showing a few details on how they handle/manage Business Impact Analyses, application/business unit/process dependencies, etc. within their tool.

Just some food for future thought/implementation in Eramba. More info here: https://bccatalyst.com/tour