Feature - Auditor Role

What’s the best way to setup an auditor? I’d like them to have a role (or group) that gives read access to risks, compliance, policies, etc, and still have write access to audit functions.

In order to grant access or visibility to something you would need to create a group, setup access lists for that group to what you want them too see and assign that group to the users that are involved with risks.

New workflows will handle this situation based on the owner / role of the object, including visibility (read only, Etc) - as we said around here we are working on that and expecting to complete it by the end of the month.

Note: risks dont have audits, security services have audits (not sure that was a typo or a concept that it is perhaps not clear)

I’m asking specifically about an IT auditor… A person whose job duty is to do “Third Party Audits”.

Right, I understand that we’d need to setup a group and access lists… My question is has anyone else already done this?

I’m just trying to use the power of a community forum to see if anyone has already done the exercise and could save me some time.

I have now a similar need. Would it be possible to provide a standard “read-only”-group within Eramba? this would save some time experimenting with the access lists. Based on this we could much more easier add other functionalities which are necessary.

Or will the rights management change anyway with the new workflows functionality?

We are working on visualisations, it will be released next week. This will allow you to show stuff based on who you are, im not entirely sure it will address this in detail, but it basically is going that direction.

Hold on into it for a week, we’ll launch a webex introducing this new concept.