Feature - Automated Account Reviews - Execute Now, Delete, and Last Login Greater Than

Hi there,

We’ve been using the automated account reviews feature for a while now. A couple feature requests include:

  1. Ability to execute an audit manually, instead of on a schedule (so, an “Execute Now” button)
  2. Ability to delete account review pulls that were mistakenly run. For example, I did not get our audit CSVs uploaded before the 90 day timer kicked in to execute the review. Therefore, I’d like to be able to go back and delete these reviews

Both of the above features would also help when testing new account reviews. You can run them immediately and then delete them if they did not meet your needs.

  1. Addition of an inactive account review type, where any accounts with a last login date greater than ___ days would be reviewed. In our case, we review and disable any accounts that have been inactive longer than 90 days.



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I’ll also ask for this feature. The ability to manually trigger an import and delete accidental ones would be very helpful.

I support the above features which will be quite usefull.

Actually, this could be accomplished by setting up a feed of only inactive accounts and have a separate review there… Do it as an incremental review and it’ll notify you each time you’ve got a new one…