Feature - automatic versioning of policies, controls, reviews

I just realized that we have a problem with the versions of a specific policy. I assume this happend because of the way versioning seems to be handled in eramba where the reviewer manually enters the new version number.

So I was basically wondering if it is not possible to have the version number work “automatically” so each edit or review triggers this?

Just to give you an idea what I mean, here is a screenshot. I have blurred sensitive Data and highlighted the mismatches I spotted.


We discussed this early on when we built eramba, we found out that the versioning varies widely in the community, for example:

  • 1,2,3
  • V1.3,v1.5

Basically there is no standard formatting … as typical we try not to get in the middle of peoples personal choices and thefore we never wanted to get into this and we let them do whatever they want. the version field on policy reviews is a string on the database, therefore you can write “tesla” as a version and eramba wont notice it.

the way eramba knows what the latest version is the date used to complete the review.

than you for the input tough , very good inputs!

I understand, we can work as is as it is easy to fix a msitake I made like the one in the screenshot.