Feature - Awareness Quiz Question Pool and end of exam grading

Hi Folks,

Would it be possible to amend the awareness quiz, to include the following

  • The ability to upload a pool of questions
  • The quiz should draw questions from the pool in as random a way as possible
  • A definable pass mark for each quiz
  • Should the user not make the pass mark then the option to complete the training is not valid and they need to start again
  • Should they need to start again, the questions are drawn from the pool randomly again
  • The answers should not be displayed as correct or incorrect when the user clicks on one but rather at the end of the quiz.

Many thanks,

I agree with all these points! I’ve routinely encountered email chains between employees with the answers in it. Sometimes sent by managers so employees can ‘check the box’. I wouldn’t go as far as the randomize the answers to the questions as that prevents answers like ‘A and B’.

Very usefull feature, i am in favor of this request :slight_smile:

you lads complot and riot this forum!
i’m starting to have seconds thoughts about my fondness of democracy !!

All really good ideas, i also would like to be able to store what options where chosen and then use filters to know which ones users get good or wrong.

I’ll be busy this week on trips but i’ll document this. Any other suggestion on awareness so I document it all in a single issue?

One other thing I have forgotten to note, it would be great if you could have a definable answer type, e.g. Answer type A would be a simple Yes or No type answer, Answer Type B could be a combination type answer where you could possibly have a number of check boxes, one or more of which could be right answers

I introduced your the Eramba Awareness Solution in our company and right now everybody is quite happy :slight_smile:.

But as always when many people work with new tool, they see improvements and would like new functionalities. The responses from my colleagues can be mapped with nearly 100% to the ideas of John.

Are these features in a roadmap for the next releases?

Thanks Markus

Sorry to revive this old thread but I didn’t find a newer one. I’m simply curious if there ever was an official statement by the team behind eramba regarding this request.

I am pretty happy with the current solution as eramba offers me to prove that awareness trainign was completed. I don’t necessarily need people to pass this awareness training I just need them to take part but its a nice to have feature.

We dont plan modifications in this module , at least until the Cake migration is completed and Workflows are completed.

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