Feature - Bug? - Third Party / Compliance Package - "Regulator" field

When you are trying to upload a compliance package you need to create a Third Party and select “Regulator” , altough it was not terribly wrong 10 years ago we think this is not really realistic any more.

We’ll create a checkbox on that form (third Party) that will be called “Compliance Package Library” or something like that , if ticket this third party will show on the compliance package no matter if it is “customer” , “regulator” or whatever.

there are better and more elegant ways to do this, for example removing this third party thing all together and let you upload compliance packages and link those to one or more third parties…but that change will take much longer and we cant do that now with so much stuff going on.

What happens if the option is “unticked” ? - you will get a warning that all your compliance package associations will be removed, just like it happens now when you delete the third party.