Feature - Bulk change of customized fields (no deadline)


Is it possible to bulk change content of customized fields?

Seems like its only possible to bulk change following fields in the Security Policies module:

  • Title
  • Short Description
  • Owner
  • Collaborator
  • Tags
  • Published Date
  • Label
  • Projects
  • Status
  • Document Type
  • Document Content
  • Permission
  • Related Documents

Looking forward to hear from you …

Best regards

Christian Rozet

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Hi Christian,

You can edit certain fields in “bulk” mode and custom fields are not in the equation, truth is we could include them because they dont hold relationships with any other part of the system…

I’m assigning a github issue so we can keep this request in the backlog.


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Perfecto, gracias :slight_smile:


Christian Rozet