Feature - "Business Continuity Plan" as "Risk response plan"

In the Risk Management we have the option - Risk response plan. This is linked to the Documents placed in the “Security Policy”.
It may be good to use “Business Continuity Plan” feature also for Risk management as “Risk response plan”.
For this just add into Risk Management Tab “Risk Response Plan” link to BCPs.
Under BCP we will create a BCP called for example “RRP - Risk1 response plan” and we will link to them instead or in addition to specific document or policy.

Many thanks in advance for realization this feature.

the reason we have documents there, is for people to have a process to follow when the risk you are documenting is actually taking place

Control Catalogue / Business Continuity Plans are linked to risks that affect processes (Business Risks) and you will find them there as part of the treatment option

We are not planning changes here, sorry!

I see what you mean, but the idea is come from the practical work with Risks and Eramba.
For many Risks we have to create the Plans how to react on these risks and document them.
The “Risk response documents” is used there. But for PDF or Word documents we created.
We got the idea to create “Risk response plan” in BCP section and link it to Risk. So we can handle Risks and “Risk Response Plans” better.
If you can realize it - many Eramba users will use it for sure!

I can’t find it. Can you pont me?