Feature - Business Units Import Tool

On 3.23.2, it is not possible to mass import Business Units.

Could you consider adding this feature?


Hi Jorge,

Just out of curiousity: how many business units do you plan to import? In my experience, it is probably faster to add them by hand than to prepare an import sheet as most companies don’t have that many business units of which you want to keep track within an ISMS (ie: instead of having 10 different sales BU’s, just consolidating it in 1 BU given that they often use the same processes, assets, tools, suppliers)

The client that requires this feature would like to import more than 100, so as you can imagine, manually creating them will be very time-consuming.

They will launch different Online Assessments for each; we need all the BU (consolidating them in a single BU is not an option either).