Feature - Charts in report based on Filter results

I looking for the option to create charts in reports based on the results of a filter applied in the report. For example, when I create a report on asset risks and want to report just on the security risks in my cloud or physical assets with a risk matrix showing just those risks. Currently, the risk matrix shows all the risks from the asset risk section, while the filter showing the risk details just shows 5 risks. For my stakeholders this is confusing.

Although this feature Feature - dynamic pie chart widget could deliver the same results, the standard charts from the various Eramba sections are good. It would be great if you could connect a filter to a chart.


the feature that is described there (Feature - dynamic pie chart widget) will work based on filter outputs … but to be honest we are far from even documenting the feature so no clue at this point when this will be … for sure is something we want to do and will be done

i hope this helps

I asked for the same thing a few years ago. Having to extract everything to do it outside is really something painful. Such a feature would really help exploiting risks for enterprise. I really think it does need to be plan seriously. Even more since all the new companies are starting by reporting as a strong argument, even before being complete on governance.
Cedric Baillet

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