Feature - dynamic pie chart widget

Our charts are static, you can not change the colour or their calculation method. We will expand them in June (add some more charts ,fix some that dont make sense, enable visualisations on all of them, etc) but we want to explore the idea of a widget for reports what allows you to make your own charts.

We will start with pie charts as they are simpler, the idea is you can make a pie chart based on a filter you choose … the pie chart will then require the following attributes:

1/ the filter you want to use and from where eramba will extract data. eramba will need to run the filter every time the chart is built or updated to get the latest value

2/ the columns of the filter you want to use for this pie chart. a column in eramba is made of a header title (the column name) that can contain:

  • numbers
  • strings (policies name, controls ,etc … note that you can make a filter count things instead of name them by string)

3/ based on what you select in #2 you have different options, because the pie chart needs two things: a variable (label in spreadsheets) and a number (the number might be converted to percentages)

If you select ONE column:

  • whatever is in the column become the label
  • the counter can be the items grouped by
  • chart settings: the number is expressed as counter or percentage

For the table below:


If i pie chart column C i get:

If i pie chart column B i get:

if you select TWO or MORE columns:

  • one of the two columns can be the label
  • the column left can be value (if select the same column for value as label, your pie chart becomes a one column chart)

as shown on the spreadsheet below:

Since the chart was built using filters, the chart can be then clickable … no idea how to go around this at this time but it should be possible.

github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/3494


Wonderfull feature. WIll be very beneficial in reporting. However, I just have a suggestion that if we can have custom columns (user-created ones) be included while selecting the field. And will be useful to include other chart types in near future.

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can you expand a bit more on this ? im not sure i follow. filters are made of column (some set by us, some set by users using custom fields) … what you mean by custom columns?

Like users can create a new columns for instance, in the compliance analysis, so the ability to create custom/dynamic charts based on that column.

when you create a custom field, a new column is created - the column will be filled with whatever you put on that field (depends on the field type you use)

check the documentation above - and yes, this columns will also be part of charts as is structured data on the db!

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related: Feature - Chart should respect filter-results - #9 by f.weber

I am looking forward to this feature as well. Thanks.

Hi, forum,
is this feature now added? as I was facing similar block in creating a custom chart. just wanted to ask.


No, not yet implemented.

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we really want this stuff to happen, likely to be next year at some point

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