Feature - Clone feature and Dashboard Restriction

May I request if following can be included in upcoming releases;

  1. Can we have Clone feature in Internal Controls and Risk Management module similar to Security policies module.
  2. Possibility to restrict Dashboard for Collaborators or Contributors. Basically we don’t want Dashboard to show up when contributors logs in with their ID for updating comments and attachments. We just want them to see only items assign to them and not Dashboard.

There is an issue for cloning items, this will part of the new UI/UX we are working on first Q1 2024.

ref: Feature: clone functionality

uhm, a bit lost with this one, i might not be understanding you well.

dashboards will always show when anyone logs in, the data the dashboard shows can be customized so it only relates to the person that logged in (charts wont be populated based on the entire data of the system). there is no way to “show a blank page” on the dashboard … is that what you expected?

Yes Kisero, our ask is if its possible to not show dashboard menu at all for them and take them directly to assigned items or task that they need to work upon or respond to.

If that is not possible, then can we restrict dashboard with limited charts for collaborators?

when eramba triggers an email, the email has a link that takes you directly to the item you need to "work"on. the macro the email uses for that is ITEMURL , while SECTIONURL takes you to the entire section (not recommended for this type of activity):

The landing dashboard is just a template shown to ANYONE that logs in to eramba (sorry for caps). In Settings/Dashboard Template you can create a template dashboard that shows only the task activity list:

This is the typical widget used to know what work is ahead of you. The widget has improvements required because it does not remove the “things” you “did” already (this will come on the new UX).

I’ll a github issue for an option to define a dashbaord template per user: https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/4419 , this could be part of the new ux/ui changes.

I have also revived an issue in regards to the activity task widget, it should remove stuff “done”: https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/2631

Noted. Thanks Kisero.