Feature - Cloning Groups permissions


I have the need to create around 10 groups to split the internal control assessment between teams. The permissions for these groups are very similar or equal. However the way nowadays Eramba allows group creation is not at all efficient. There are more than 600 rows in the ACL and we need to go one by one to enable/disable the access, which very cumbersome and would take me almost a full day just to set up 10 groups (this should take 5minutes).

In the mean time, I created a quick hack where I basically do http calls to the permissions I want to grant. I need to made 400 calls in batches per group (each one is a permissions setting).

Please create a clone function of groups and respective permission list. I am hoping this is not a very complex change for you guys. In my view it should be prioritise because is about hygiene of the user permissions and maintenance who has access to what. I do not want to give access to individuals but groups in 95% of cases.

Appreciate all the effort and new functionalities you brought as of now has SAML.



I am rather new to Eramba, but also in the process of needing to create many groups (some even identical - but in which related users are at different locations, thus should only see their own set of activities in Eramba).

Would very much like a function as you describe!

Did you happen to check for the possibility of just duplicating some access list file through console (the raw files on drive)? (I have no understanding of Eramba from this perspective, but that was just the first thing I would attempt from an “hack-around” perspective).


The problem here is our view that eramba does not have “roles” , it just have groups. normally you have roles and those roles tie to one or more groups (that define what actions can be done)

HR: read policies, review policies, put comments and attachments
IT: read policies, review policies, put comments and attachments, create policies, create controls

creating roles in eramba is dangerous right now because the backend ACL logic is very awfully complicated and cpu expensive. i guess we’ll have to do with a clone functionality for now.

1/ on the menu of each item create a “clone” option that opens a modal that lets the user define the name and description (optional) of the new group which will have the same ACLs as the existing one

2/ create a column on the group settings table that shows how many users the group has assigned, the number is clickable and takes you to users setting with a filter pre-defined

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2659


I am in a similar situation, so would it be possible for you to share details of this quick hack?

Looking forward to hear from you and thank you in advance.

Best Regards



Sorry I did not came here for awhile. It seems that the Eramba team is going to release pretty soon a new version with the clone option. See here: Release e2.19.0

Otherwise what I did was, I used the Chrome browser inspector to check the network call to the api and created a script to call the ones I wanted to change the status from disable to enable.