Feature - compliance analysis chart update

this chart shows the aimed strategy by the user … so what they want to achieve … their current situation is described on a chart above that shows the number of items based on their “status”

it would be good to have a third chart that shows the overlap in ebtween the desired status and the current status by simply adding a new bar … it will have many colours but well…is better than nothing. we’ll hold into this once we have dynamic status defined by the user (Feature - Custom Defined Role Names and Dynamic Status - #2 by eramba)

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2259

Will the statuses be able to be customized or will they be set? If they are set, I’d like to be able to show a number for those with remediation underway - i.e. out of the 17 “overlooked”, 5 are currently being worked.

they will be user defined - that is the whole thing with this functionality ! lets see if we are able to make it work…