Feature - compliance analysis findings miss a relation to the project module

The Compliance Management / Compliance Analysis module is missing a link to the Project module. This would help describe the correction actions for these findings.

Title: Related Projects
Description: Select one or more projects used to mitigate the finding

We also need filters that answer:

  • give me all findings that use this or that project
  • give me all findings that have a project that has this or that status

We should be able to inherit using status:

  • the project status

On the project module expand filters to answer:

  • give me all the projects that use this or that finding
  • the project tree chart should have one more branch for “Audit Findings”

github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/3680

they also need to follow the open/close date as exceptions do, so we unified the logic. now they only have a due date.