Feature - Compliance Management Analysis - Compliance Analysis Findings Column

Hi guys,

Noticed that the Compliance Management Analysis table does not include a column for Compliance Analysis Finding. See below for a screenshot of what I mean/would like to see:

Would this be possible?



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This modal (“window” in our terminology) is a disaster in my opinion … because the analysis has 10+ options and the columns there are simply too cramped.

Ideally we would move this to a filter view (tables) where you select which columns you want, but the downside is that filters dont have the “colours” built in and doing that is a nightmare right now.

How about a setting where you select which columns to display? Or perhaps you have another suggestion?

Sorry for the delayed reply, I was away on vacation! I agree with having a setting where you select which columns to display. My only concern would be that from an auditor’s standpoint, they usually want to see everything.

Another way to do this might be to make the columns smaller/uniform size and angle off the headers, like Excel allows you to do, similar to this: