Feature - content type should be clickable

On e3.20.0:

  • when you create a policy you need to specify a content type (url, attachment or content)
  • when you list policies , you have no direct way to see the content of the policy

  • it would be good to be able to simply “click” and show the modal with the “View” policy
  • in the same direction, when in the “Review” module, the same column should do the same

  • the catch on the “Review” module is that the policy shown must match the records of that review, on the policy tab it must shown the latest review (current)

  • we need to review which ones are the default columns on a fresh install for both these modules because i think we might need to adjust them

github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/4303

Clicking on Document Type, opens a view dialog that opens a new window with the policy information.

Ideally, clicking on “Use URL” should take you directly to the URL.

slightly at a tangent, but that ‘Download PDF’ button is such an awful piece of UX design - everyone clicks on it expecting to get a PDF of the document, and instead it makes a PDF of the page. :smile: